Firm Overview

For over 25 years the firm has practiced in the legal community of Washington, DC specializing in the area of individual and civil rights for both public sector and private sector employees. Throughout that time he has established a reputation with judges, administrative agencies and adversaries as a professional advocate with integrity and has established a winning track record of successful administrative decisions, jury verdicts and settlements that have helped his clients recover their dignity, careers, and professional livelihoods.

The firm focuses on getting results and has made new law in both the areas of whistleblower protection and federal employee rights and benefits.

The firm prides itself on taking a chance when others will not; by accepting the tough cases that they believe have merit but have been turned down by other firms. Michael Spekter believes in litigating when necessary and the firm’s trial experience has given them the confidence to go the distance with a jury when it is called for. However, they are realistic and know that sometimes litigation is not the only way to solve a problem. They have been successful at mediation and settlement when those legal avenues are appropriate.

By necessity, due to its size, the firm must be selective in the cases that it accepts. Firm principal Michael L. Spekter states, “We believe in providing personal and professional service, and will not sacrifice quality of representation by overloading the firm’s resources. We stress quality over quantity.”

Michael Spekter works with clients on fee arrangements, not against them, and although most cases are undertaken on an hourly basis, the firm can be both flexible and fair with clients.

The standard procedure for initiating contact is to provide a brief statement of your problem via e-mail and specifically let the firm know why you believe they can help you with your employment related problem. At that point the firm can determine if your case is within the specialty areas of Michael Spekter’s expertise.

The firm encourages email communication initially. Please be sure to provide both phone and e-mail contact information. In most circumstances, you will receive a response within 24 hours.

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